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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


1.Your name plus "o"?
:: nadiao…macam teh ‘o’ pula.. ka bole tambah di depan jadi onadia..

2. Two feelings at the moment?
:: rindu pada Zizou dan family di Labuan..and I’m feeling sick… mo demam bah..

3. What are you listening to right now?
:: If I ain't got you bebeh..

4.A part of a song lyric that's in your
mind right now ?
:: that was the time, when I was broken hearted

5. Describe where you are right now ?
:: dalam cubicle aku, di opis..

6. What is your highlight of the week ?
:: this weekend I want to go Mummy n Me at Midvalley

7. What are you craving to have right
:: hmm.. teda, maybe pasal aku just had my breakfast

8. Any unforgettable childhood memory?
:: lots…yang paling best part aku gunting rambut Tasha..hahaha..

9. A not-so-good childhood memory?
:: aku terseliuh kaki..

10. What are your nicknames?
:: kawan2 aku sini panggil aku nad, kawan2 labuan panggil aku nai, kawan2 aku sekolah kk dulu panggil aku naydee..

11. Your plans for tomorrow ?
:: kerja… ble mc ka? Aku rasa macam mau demam ja ni..

12. Your plans for today ?
:: di opis, periksa spek tender, surf pasal master apa aku mau ambil

13. Are you thinking of someone
right now?
:: no one else…aku ingat Zizou ja.. pasal td aku hand over ke pengasuhnya, ia nangis

14. Do you party ?
:: dulu time bujang, puas juga party… sejak aku kawin, macam jarang2..

15. Do you like twins ?
:: em… kalau twins orang lain, ok ja.. kalau sendiri, never dream about it..

16. Fill in the blank "I am ..
:: a mother.. Happy Mother’s day for me

18. Say anything you like to say to
whoever is reading?
:: stay in touch…

19. Are you feeling hungry?
:: nop…

20. Who do you miss ryt now?
:: my son, Zizou…

21. Last friend you saw online?
:: Kamal Md Nor..

22. Are you in love?
:: mesti la…

23. What do you like about night?
:: time anak aku tidur..bermanja dengan husband..

24.If you were in a farm, what do you
want to see ?
:: ayam, itik, angsa, kambing..

25. Last person who gave a testimonial
to you?
:: my long lost friend time di Kuantan dulu…

26. Did you like it?
:: suka juga..

27. Do you play an instrument?
:: no…rekoder pun tidak pandai..

28. What song did u last hear ?
:: Berdua lebih baik.. bertiga lagi bagus..

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