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Monday, June 23, 2008

Short survey by Naddea

1) Last time u sleep? - semalam

2) what r u doing when u're bored? – surf tenet using my hp

3) love is? – sincere, true, warm feeling..

4) Red thing's on your right? – red marker pen

5) last person u talk on the phone? – hubby

6) imagine u're hollywood's superstar,u wanna have a serious relationship with who? – tom cruise as in Jerry Macguire – "You complete me.." ahhh.. gugur jantung aku..

7) currently use pc or notebook? – pc

8) last time u drive? – this morning

9) fresh orange or plain water? – avocado juice.. huhuhu..

10) name one person u hate the most? – hate myself

11) what colour of shirt are u wearing rite now? – kenapa suka tanya ni soalan? I'm wearing kebaya..

12) currently listening to? – Matahariku by Agnes Monica (tapi nyanyi dalam hati aku)

13) ur fav food? – fried salmon fish

14) last thing u wish? – I wish I can turn back time..

15) did the wish came true? – mustahil.. unless dlm mimpi ja..

16) fav colour? – pink, red

17) love ur dad? – a must

18) one person to make u laugh? – anybody can make me laugh.. I'm laughable..

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